Book: Is your thinking keeping you poor?


Escape poverty. Raise your value. Change the trajectory of your story. It all begins with the way you think, says author Douglas Kruger.

The majority of people will never achieve wealth in their lifetime. To become rich, you have to think radically differently to the way most people around you think. So, do you know what those differences in thinking may be? In this book, business and wealth guru Douglas Kruger gets right down to the practical principles of wealth creation.

He leads you through the types of thinking that hold individuals, families and businesses in generational cycles of poverty, and explores the dramatically different approaches typical to the self-made rich and super-rich, showing you which behaviours to begin practising and which are traitorous to your wealth potential. Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor? poses tough questions like:

  • How did self-made millionaires manage the feat, and which of their behaviours can be replicated?
  • Which culturally ingrained ideas about money and prosperity are keeping people poor?
  • Can you still get rich working for a boss, and is employment even the safe option any longer?
  • Why are working-class families’ priorities so radically different from those of wealthy families, and what can we learn from this?

Poor Thinking

Wealth… it all begins with the way you think

[The New Manager by Penguin Non Fiction]