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With the constantly changing needs of the creative industries, it has become more important than ever for an educational institution to keep its finger on the pulse. More than ever, students are looking for courses that will offer optimal industry readiness training, and ultimately enhance their employability.

Preparation for industry is one of the cornerstones of CityVarsity’s approach to education. Industry connectedness and real-world simulation are integral to each of the institution’s eight departments – Acting, Film, Journalism, Multimedia, Animation, Sound Engineering, Photography and Art.

Each programme’s curriculum is developed with the needs of industry in mind. Lecturing staff are employed on the basis of both their industry knowledge and their connections to creative communities. Their real-world industry connections are invited to provide input on course material, to ensure that the material taught is relevant. Such consultation is encouraged throughout the year, with the greatest direct engagement occurring at CityVarsity’s annual Industry Indaba.

In addition, students are encouraged to engage in real-world activities within their industries of interest. Students engage in a range of industry projects, from film and photographic shoots for corporate clients to sound recordings for actual bands. Apart from gaining practical knowledge of their respective industries, students also gain valuable learnings in terms of the etiquette and hierarchies of the working world.

In keeping with its commitment to employability and the meeting of industry needs, CityVarsity also offers short courses in a variety of disciplines. The short courses are designed for candidates who work or study during the day. These highly-focused skills-driven programmes provide training in specific areas, enabling candidates to acquire the skills they need to meet specific industry demand.

CityVarsity’s Short courses include Presenting for TV, Graphic Design for Digital Media, Vocal Training for Radio, DSLR Filmmaking and Game Design. Small classes allow for intensive individual attention from lecturers, and optimal contact time with relevant industry-standard equipment. 

In this way, CityVarsity ensures that short course participants maximise the time they spend on their studies. Participants value the opportunity for study that does not conflict with their working hours, while employers see the short courses as a means to upskill their staff.

Such upskilling makes their employees more multi-functional, and enables employers and managers to develop their own staff rather than outsourcing personnel each time they require additional services. Short courses are thus an investment in their human capital and company’s general skills base.

With its full-time programmes under regular industry review and its ever-evolving offering of short courses, CityVarsity continues to engage with its industries and meet demand.