Energy storage for improved quality of life

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Internationally, there is an increased awareness of the need to look at electrification and its provision differently. 
Renewable energy resources such as wind, water or solar solutions have shown that clean energy, energy not dependent on non-renewable sources such as coal, is not only a viable alternative to traditional power solutions, but that it carries additional benefits such as on-the spot delivery, cutting down significantly on infrastructure costs.

There remains a problem though. No matter the source of generation, once produced, energy cannot be stored efficiently within the existing power generation supply chain. Accordingly, it has been suggested that finding a viable and cost-effective solution to the energy storage challenge both at point of production and at point of distribution represents the most essential element in the global electrification challenge.

To this end, the University of the Western Cape (UWC) based Energy Storage Innovation Lab (ESIL) has successfully partnered with BattCo Energy Storage Systems, an exciting and innovative Cape Town based company, to commercialise a modular Lithium Ion battery.

Leading on from the development of the Lithium Ion battery, BattCo has taken the next step and incorporated this co-developed technology and integrated it into an AC energy storage solution which can be used in a home, a business or as a back-up power source, allowing simple integration of Solar PV panels.

This successful university / industry partnership will not only lead to the commercialisation of these products but also contribute towards job creation, socio-economic empowerment, renewable energy generation and sustainable rural electrification, thus ensuring a wide impact footprint. Adding to the developmental impact of the product is BattCo’s investment in education, specifically at UWC, where their Engineers lecture and mentor an exciting course in product development, exposing students not only to physics and computer science but also to how these are leveraged to solve real world problems with innovative solutions.

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