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Smart Waste recently celebrated its fifth year in the Western Cape with an invitation to present at the Western Cape Funding Fair.

“This is the start of a new growth phase for us,” says Reg Barichievy the owner.

“We are looking forward to the next phase of our development as a Western Cape company. It has been hard, but exciting work to get to this point.”

Smart Waste – a national company rated BEE1 – is owned and managed independently. The company services industrial estates, factories, shopping centres and wine farms. Its basic services include comprehensive waste management; this involves disposing of all waste streams from general waste to hazardous waste.

“We take the role of a project manager and take over the client’s waste responsibility for waste removal so that the client can take care of business. We subcontract the specialist waste streams and ensure that your interests are protected and costs are kept low; basically we take care of the dirty toilet no one wants to deal with.”

Each contract is different and services are adapted to each client’s needs. Distances to landfill, types and sustainability of waste volumes are taken into account to determine the most efficient and cost effective strategy in removing waste, all of which is handled in accordance with the law.

Smart Waste’s core service is on site recycling. By removing recyclable material from the waste stream at source Smart Waste can reduce transport and disposal costs – due for an annual increase in July – by the volume of waste which is removed. Thereafter Smart Waste provides the client with a monthly report on the waste management supported by Safe Disposal Certificates where necessary.