Geyserworx – the smart way to convert to solar power - []

This patented innovative product has been locally designed to use the existing geyser (hot water boiler) and claims to reduce electricity bill by up to 40%.

During the day, photovoltaic (PV) panels are used to heat the water up to 70⁰C. A microprocessor-based controller optimises the geyser consumption according to the consumer’s needs. During periods of low sun levels, normal utility power is used to ensure that the hot water is kept above 55⁰C.

This SANS 10400-AX2-compliant product can be configured to run multiple geysers, as well as medium-sized commercial geyser and there is no sign of a big monster on your roof! Installation is a quick and easy process and takes no longer than half a day to install and to get the system up and running to maximum efficiency. Geyserworx has no moving parts and due to the fact that an existing geyser can be used with this product, no modification has to be done to accommodate new plumbing. The PV panel is guaranteed to last at least twenty years and there is no glycol or other heating medium involved that may contaminate water sources.

As no batteries are required there is no danger to humans or the environment.

The “Deluxe” version comes with Wi-Fi, phone app and can be connected to the internet. By using the latest technologies, the Geyserworx software can be updated as and when new features are made available.

The Geyserworx Software Application allows the user to set the geyser’s water temperature, as well as switch the system into manual mode to boost the temperature using main power. Timers on the geyser can be set according to consumer’s lifestyle to ensure that hot water is produced during times when needed. A “Holiday Mode” is provided to switch the system off and restore it on a return date.

The software will further monitor drip tray leak detection, scale build-up on the heating element, a faulty element and will protect the original geyser from overheating.

Geyserworx is available from any outlet of Voltex.