How technologies can improve the customer service industry

How technologies can improve the customer service industry

Customer service is a people focused industry, one that relies heavily on the relationship between brands and consumers being personal and positive. And while many believe technology can hamper these efforts, if done properly, it can only enhance them. Using the latest technology is no longer just a trend reserved for larger companies. Today it is a necessity that all businesses should invest in.

Written in collaboration with Merchants, here’s How Digital Technologies Are Transforming The Way Companies Do Customer Experience.

Online search

In our mobile world, customers often turn to a search engine on their mobile devices first, when trying to get in touch with a company. If your company doesn’t have a website or any form of online presence, customers who use Google, for example, to try get hold of you, aren’t going to have any luck. This leads to a poor first impression.

Companies should ensure that they are visible online, and that all the important and relevant information about them is present. Whether you do your homework online to figure out the basics of search engine optimisation, or employ an agency to do this for you, it is vital that customers can find your correct customer service information online.

Multiple service channels

Just having a website where customers can purchase your products, or just having a brick-and-mortar store is no longer an effective way to service customers. With consumers on the go, and their mobile devices on hand, they like to know that they can get in touch with a company any time they need to. Technology allows companies to integrate their offerings seamlessly onto multiple platforms, and today, customers expect to be able to speak to a customer service agent, whether they’re on a cell phone, tablet, desktop, or in a store.

Ensure your product or service can not only be found on more than one channel, but also offer a way for customers to contact your customer service team on each channel. Customers will be able to get in touch as soon as they have a question or concern, wherever they are, and whatever time of day or night it may be.

Data analytics

Examining the data that comes into a company is extremely useful in providing a more personalised experience each time a customer gets in touch with a company. Consumers share data every time they make a purchase or use a service, and the technology that collects and reports this data conveniently provides insights into the likes and dislikes of a customer base. Whether a company is small, medium or large, data analytics is a must-have.

Whether you use the available technology yourself, or make use of business process outsourcing and hire a company to do it for you, ensure you’re collecting all the data that comes your way to make sure your customers are getting a service tailored to their interests and lifestyle. It’s important to never underestimate the data your customer service team can provide, as they are in direct contact with customers on a daily basis.

Customers expect a lot more from companies and their customer service teams today, and technology should be seen as an important partner in order to achieve success in this area. Search, multiple channels and analytics can not only help you reach your customers better, but help them reach you better. And a more enjoyable customer experience will only speak well for your company.