Bluezone Machine

Fruit and vegetable spoilage is a major industry problem, but new technology is providing a solution. If you are discarding produce and watching your perishable product profits end up on the rubbish dump, then you need Bluezone® fresh preservation technology to assist you.

The problem of getting perishables from farmer to consumer in the best possible condition continues to be an issue with which the best brains in supply chain logistics grapple. The production of ethylene gas alongside spores that infect fresh fruit, flowers and vegetables with mould, needs constant monitoring and attention to maintain the quality of products as they appear on the shelves of supermarkets and grocers.

The US Navy and Army tackled the problem head on. Their vessels and troops were spread all over the world often in harsh climates that impacted negatively on the quality of fresh produce that must be fed to the soldiers and sailors. They searched for a solution and discovered Bluezone® and now Bamic Import & Export and their associates at Bamic Enterprises of Cape Town are proud to announce the release of this the most effective and comprehensive fresh preservation technology yet. They are the exclusive supplier of Bluezone® in sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands

The two models, the 2400 and 300 are simple to install and even simpler to maintain needing only an annual bulb change to keep them in tip top condition. The 2400 model is effective in air volumes of 70 cubic metres and large cold stores or distribution centres often use a number of machines spread across the area where the cubic meterage is larger. The 300 model is for walk-in cold rooms from 28 cubic metres up to 70 cubic metres.

These units have proved through thorough testing in the field, to control the production of ethylene gas the natural substance that ripens fruit, flowers and vegetables. Mould, odours and microbial contaminants are also controlled by the continued exposure to the UV light and cleaned ozone. A catalyst inhibits the production of these harmful elements thereby extending the shelf life of all perishables within their influence.

There are no adverse side effects to the process and the issue of odours and sensitivity to ethylene contamination is also eliminated.

Bluezone® can be used in pack houses, cold rooms, temperature controlled stores, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, industrial kitchens, reefer containers, supermarket cold rooms, and temperature controlled delivery vehicles and walk-in fridges. Contact us. We’ll improve your bottom line.

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