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The Atlantis, Western Cape, plant of the Mpact Plastics division is well-positioned to supply PVC and PET medical round bottles together with accompanying childproof and tamper-evident closures.

Mpact Plastics produces a range of high-clarity PET medical round bottles aimed at the pharmaceutical industry. Available in clear and amber 50ml, 100ml and 200ml sizes, these bottles constitute a holistic offering for specific market needs.

Whilst both PVC and PET bottles offers appropriate barrier properties, PET offers the added benefit of higher pack clarity. Mpact offers three closure options, all taking functional and cost requirements into account.

The snap-on 3 and 28mm 1810 closures offer a tamperevident and cost-effective solution, while the childproof closure has added safety benefits. Across these ranges, Mpact has enjoyed stable growth with the medical round product lines. The company’s innovative approach to improving on product offerings is both material and design-based.

About Mpact

Mpact is a leading producer of rigid plastics packaging and cling film, producing a wide array of packaging and serving a multitude of blue-chip customers in various markets, including the food, beverage, personal care, homecare, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial and retail markets.

There are eight production centres, located nationally, and four distinct business clusters. The first, specialising in PET preforms, bottles, wide mouth jars and closures, is situated in Wadeville (Gauteng).

The second, broadly designated as our FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) business, operates from two sites – Pinetown (KwaZulu-Natal) and Atlantis (Western Cape). The third cluster is Mpact Plastic Containers, which has operations in Atlantis (Western Cape) and Brits (North West) supplying Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) to the agricultural, automotive, baking, food processing, logistics, pharmaceutical, poultry, retail, waste collection and wine sectors.

Lastly, Mpact Versapak, with plants in the Western Cape and Gauteng, supplies expanded polystyrene packaging, PET and polystyrene trays and PVC cling film to the FMCG, fast food, beverage and agricultural sectors.