Steel protection in highly flammable situations

Maxiflex Door Systems offers fire and smoke protection doors from Teckentrup Doors. These doors are used in all industry sectors, public buildings, commercial areas, large garages and domestic buildings. Single and double-leaf steel and stainless steel versions ensure the individual fulfillment of all building requirements.

Doors with thick or thin rebates, upper casings and modern glazing options offer optically attractive solutions.

All the new Teckentrup fire protection doors are tested in accordance with EN 1634-1. During the test, a temperature difference of 180K (corresponds to approx. 200°C) should not be exceeded at the individual measuring devices on the surface facing away from the fire at a furnace temperature of approx. 1,000°C. The space enclosing effect is additionally monitored.

Maxiflex supplies fire doors with a 30 min rating up to a 240 min rating.

Teckentrup security doors

According to the company, innovative solutions, state-of-the-art technologies, first-class materials and high quality workmanship ensure that the entire door construction – door leaf, frame, lock and fittings – has no weak spots whatsoever for the secure protection of people and property. Effective security measures, such as multi-locking, bolt-secured hinges, high security cylinder lock with anti-drilling and extraction protection as well as security lever/knob handles, provide excellent protection and stop burglars in their tracks.

Teckentrup burglar resistant security doors with multi-function protection can be used in almost all industrial, commercial, public and domestic buildings, says Maxiflex. The multifunctional security ranges from the WK 2 (RC 2) door for cellars to WK4 (RC 4) cell doors in prisons.

Additional burglar resistance can be added to most of the doors within the Teckentrup hinge door range.

Maxiflex Door Systems offers a complete range of industrial door and docking solutions for any application. Products have been chosen carefully in order to always offer the best quality products and service.