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A recent partnership has launched Sungrid Group’s latest offerings, the SOLSAVE Sun-Preneurship Kits and Stalls, providing entrepreneurs across the continent with far more independence and sustainable infrastructure for their start up business, via solar powered solutions.

“The biggest problem with African entrepreneur initiatives is firstly the power infrastructure and secondly the ‘housing’ from which it operates,” says Paul Hubers, founder and director, Sungrid Group.

“We have all seen vendors selling their wares, either in townships or on city sidewalks, out of inferior quality shacks, metal containers or event plastic tents with open flames for lighting. One spell of bad weather or an accident, and the budding entrepreneur’s infrastructure, and with it the business and revenue opportunity, is gone.”

“However, reliable and cost-effective power and lighting has been missing until now,” continues Hubers.

Sungrid’s recent partnerships will see the inclusion of portable Solar power products into these established units, thereby opening up additional revenue for many markets, including beverages, confectionary and mobile phone operators throughout Africa. Bright lighting to operate into the evenings, mobile phone charging capabilities and 220V AC power for fridges or cooking tops, are just some of the many benefits which the Solar kits or stalls provide.

Our entry level Sun-Preneurship Kits allow Men or Women to make an income and support many family members with creative opportunities that radically improve their lives with free lighting and portable power independence.

SOLSAVE Sun-Preneurship Kits all capture Solar Energy to power energy efficient technologies:

  • Barber Kit
  • Student Kit
  • Phone charging Kit
  • Beauty Kit
  • Sewing Kit
  • Cooking Kit
  • Education Kit

Sungrid further endorses Entrepreneurship via improving mobility of Entrepreneurs via Solar Powered stalls or kiosks, which have varied business purposes.

Our SOLSAVE quality fibre-lined portable stalls ideally suited to African entrepreneurs are easily transportable and self-sustaining, but most importantly they are completely weather-proof and able to withstand even the toughest conditions, thereby providing the ideal solution to millions of entrepreneurs across the continent.

Available in a number of different sizes, these Sun-Preneurship stalls are built for a variety of business purposes:

  • SIM cards, airtime and electronic money transfers (reseller contracts with mobile phone operators optional)
  • Small solar light and charging products
  • Cigarettes (reseller contracts with major distributors optional)
  • Small snacks
  • Cold drinks and warm snacks (bigger stall with more power)
  • Everyday shopping items (contracts with leading Spaza shop suppliers optional)

In addition, the portable power unit itself, housed in a separate case, allows the entrepreneur to take it home each evening. “In turn, this will provide power and light to many households, many of whom are currently without,” says Hubers.

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