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Solar company Vikram Solar is partnering with Powertech Africa, a leading African distributorenergy technology, thereby entering 14 new markets in sub-Saharan Africa, including Botswana, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Vikram already operates local offices in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa.

Vikram Solar, with Powertech Africa as its official sales agent, expects to generate PV module sales of one megawatt in sub-Saharan Africa by May 2016. Drawing on its existing international network, Powertech will be supplying large solar projects and homeowners alike. A leading distributor of Power and distribution electrical solutions in Africa, Powertech Africa is now adding solar technology to its product portfolio.

Darin Mac Allister, General Manager at Powertech Africa, comments, “Being established energy experts, we have decided to start selling modules, because grid-independent solar installations have become the cheapest and easiest way of satisfying Africa’s hunger for energy. The difficult financial situation is making grid expansion extremely slow in this region. In Vikram Solar, we have found a partner that has experience in Africa and meets our exacting quality standards – at affordable prices.”

The ELDORA Ultima 60 cell modules with 250Wp, which will be sold by Powertech Africa, are particularly suited for use at high temperatures, as are routine in sub-Saharan Africa.The International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates that Africa will achieve a total output of 173GW from renewable energies by 2040, with solar energy accounting for around 20%. According to Solarbuzz, there are currently solar projects in 29 African countries with a potential total output of more than 11GW.

Neil Bothwick, Head of Business Development – Africa – of Vikram Solar South Africa adds, “Powertech Africa was identified as the ideal partner for expanding our presence on the continent. Like the Vikram Group, Powertech Africa which is a division of Powertech Industries (Pty) Ltd., which has been in business for more than 40 years and is committed to delivering top quality products and solutions.  The company exclusively works with local distributors who are familiar with the legal requirements in their respective countries, which gives us a huge advantage. We strongly believe that this partnership will provide another boost to the African solar market.”