Western Cape ministers on: Energy efficiency

Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities

CAPE Business News met up with Alan Winde, Minister of Economic Opportunities and Mzwandile Masina, Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, to give a quick insight  for companies and households on how to preserve and be responsible with power usage.

“We must preserve electricity and use it only where necessary,” Masina explains. “With the energy crisis at the moment, Eskom is doing its bit, but it would be useful if the industries will help contribute in saving power.”

“We’ve been on this power-shortage wagon for a while now,” Winde says. “Be efficient in your power usage, make sure you are responsible in your usage because it’s not only about you, it’s about all of us.”

 “As the cost of electricity goes up, you will see companies investing in ensuring they are more economical within their power supply. Households are also changing – the average man and woman is sick and tired of load shedding and it will be with us for a while, so many are investing in getting off the city’s power grid. Eventually every square roof in a factory, shop or house will become a potential solar strategy,” Winde adds.

“We as government play our role in this instance, which allows us to focus on companies and households putting excess power back into the city’s grid. We are currently running pilots with such cases in Cape Town. The power that goes back into the grid is not being done for money, but for vouchers – therefore bypassing the red tape.”

“Before long, you’re going to see a very different landscape with regards to energy supply,” Winde concluded.