Who’s been tickling the Sleeping Giant?

Real Telematics

Are we seeing early signs of economic recovery in the Eastern Cape, asks John Valentine, Director at Real Telematics. Just recently I have been responding to more and more enquiries on the FMX Forklift Management System in Port Elizabeth and East London. Although I can claim that a fantastic product is getting its just dessert, I also know that it appears that most sectors of manufacturing industry in the Eastern Cape appear to be on an upwards curve.

In particular, motor vehicle manufacturers and associate component suppliers, which are densely packed into the area, seem to be preparing for a boom by investing in equipment such as FMX, forklifts and other infrastructure. Or it could also be attributed to changes in the old guard, creating new efficiencies and getting rid of maintenance heavy equipment. For the trend to be so widespread, it certainly talks to astute reasoning.

Logistics companies servicing the motor manufacturers have arrived in strength and because they suddenly find themselves responsible and accountable for large (and small) forklift fleets, they turn to FMX to help them manage abuses and keep costs low. The knock-on affect in asset depreciation and tangible savings on Fuel, Tyres, and Batteries to name just a few elements is massively positive.

The IDZ areas at Coega and East London, are certainly not full yet, but it is encouraging to see how many operations are already there and how many more are being built. Naturally, such infrastructure changes also have impacts on staffing requirements. Nothing uplifts a community as powerfully as employment. Perhaps the gravy train has derailed at the station, and instead of the funds being siphoned off, they are actually being ploughed back into the area as they should be.

Whatever the cause, the Winds of Change are blowing hard in the Windy City and adjacent areas. Regardless of where the winds are blowing you, FMX is positioned blow you away with world class service and economy boosting savings.