Cloud - [Google Images]

Snow, flood, gale force winds are among some of the extreme weather conditions experienced in parts of the country on Sunday, the SA Weather Service said.

Even Table Mountain experienced a scattering of snow, according to reports coming in from across the Western Cape.

The SA Weather Service said that snowfall was expected across the “mountainous areas of the Cape Winelands, West Coast District and Overberg districts as well as the southern high ground of the Northern Cape”. 

The City of Cape Town’s Disaster Risk Management Centre also reported that a total of 328 homes in SST Section, Greenpoint and Harare Section in Khayelitsha were affected by flooding.

In addition, “in zone 20, Langa, two dwellings built on a drain were completely damaged,” said the centre’s Charlotte Powell, adding that a request for relocation was issued.

According to the Weather Service, flooding was also expected on southern parts of West Coast, as well as western parts of the Overberg districts.

Gale force winds were to blow from the Western Cape’s Cape Columbine to the Eastern Cape’s Algoa Bay.

Waves with a height of between six and seven metres were forecast from Cape Columbine and Port Alfred.

Meanwhile, warnings were issued for extremely high fire danger conditions in certain parts of the North West, Free State, KwaZulu Natal, Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.