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Sable’s UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Investment Programme marries many South African citizens’ desire for British citizenship with a solid return-generating investment in the UK.

“The programme involves pairing an investor with a UK business seeking foreign direct investment. The applicant invests a minimum of £200,000 into a business and, subject to certain visa requirements, the applicant and their dependants will be granted UK residency rights and later citizenship if all requirements are met,” explains Gary Kockott, Managing Director of Sable.

This unique programme matches investor skills and experience with a range of business investment opportunities. We also ensure that applicants meet the UK’s Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa qualifying criteria.”

The programme is currently aimed at South Africans looking to sell off their local assets and emigrate to the UK. This visa entitles the holder and their dependants to live and work in the UK for three years, with the option to extend for a further two years if certain criteria are met. Once a holder has spent five years in the UK on this visa, they will be able to apply for permanent residency and begin the process of becoming a British citizen and passport holder after an additional year.

“Investors not only secure a profitable investment into a UK business,” Kockott tells us, “but can also obtain UK residency, and ultimately UK citizenship, for themselves and their family.”

British passports have always been desirable and the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa has less onerous financial conditions compared to other Tier 1 visas.

“This visa has a lower entry cost than other UK investment visas. The Tier 1 Investment visa, for example, requires a minimum investment of £2 million, putting it out of reach of the vast majority of investors.”

With the recent Rand strength and Pound weakness and the attractiveness of the Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa, many South Africans are beginning to explore the idea of investing in the UK.

Kockott also pointed out that Sable specialises in UK investment advice. In addition to this, the company has a team of UK visa and immigration experts with over two decades of experience that will help applicants transition to the UK. Specifically, the programme’s service offering includes:

  •    Immigration advice and visa application assistance
  •    Access to a proprietary database of investment opportunities
  •    Corporate legal services and tax advice from qualified professionals
  •    Monitoring of business until you obtain permanent residency
  •    Complimentary online English language training

“Together with our partners, we also offer a range of ancillary services ranging from things as simple as airport transfers to more complex decisions like educational advice for your children and where to buy your residential property,” Kockott adds.

“Essentially, we’ll help applicants ensure that their lives are set up in the UK as smoothly as possible

“With offices in Cape Town and London, we are perfectly positioned to help South Africans invest in, and move to, the UK through this programme. Ultimately, this is a great way of achieving many of our clients’ long-term business goals and UK residency ambitions.”