The game changer that continues to impress

The game changer that continues to impress

In 2016, Afrivalve exceeded expectations with the robust C-Tech Knife Gate valve.

Manufactured at eDART Surry Valve’s manufacturing facilities in Jet Park, Gauteng the valve range in sizes from DN100-DN800, with the DN750 size proving to be extremely popular.

“Afrivalve’s 100% in-house manufacturing allows us to manufacture the valves to the exact requirements of our customers. It also means that we can modify the valves to suit specific applications and overcome challenges that standard valves suppliers face,” says Greg Hopton, Group Marketing Manager, eDART Slurry Valve Company Ltd t/a Afrivalve.

“The valves are available in a wide range of materials to suit individual applications. We are constantly re-engineering the valves where we see there is a benefit to our clients. We manufacture our own range of manual, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators that are available with all required instrumentation.”

Afrivalve supplies C-Tech Knife Gate valves into mining and mineral processing, as well as heavy industrial applications throughout South Africa and Africa. Additionally, the valves are suited for use within the carbon manufacturing industry and the animal feeds production sector.

The successful joint venture between eDART Slurry Valves and Afrivalve saw the establishment of a new sales division within eDART while retaining the Afrivalve sales division.

“In a downturned economy with commodity prices having been suppressed for most of the year, the increase in sales is attributed to customers seeing the worth in the valve that is giving them extended plant availability. Less downtime means more profit.”

“Our local manufacturing programme also includes open frame and shrouded frame pinch valves, eDART Slurry control valves that control level and flow, as well as slurry sampling systems. We have also hand selected a range of industrial valves to offer a complete package, where needed, at end user level or on projects,” concludes Hopton.

Due to the company’s local manufacturing investment and facilities, the eDART and Afrivalve range of valve products easily comply with the state-owned enterprise (SOE) requirement of at least 70% local content.