President Jacob Zuma.

President Jacob Zuma assured stakeholders that South Africa “remains a destination for investment” in an interview with Bloomberg Television in Pretoria this week.

He assured investors that South Africa has both the opportunities and the appetite for foreign investment, and that it is an excellent time to invest.

“The opportunities are there, in the infrastructure, in the other sectors. So that is a call we will make to investors – come! This is the time for you to invest.”

He went on to say that the struggling South African economy is not an isolated one, and has been hard hit by global economic conditions, this includes the depressed rand.

“Our currency is responding to the global economy and we are going to…we are working on it, navigating it with that understanding.” 

He also defended South Africa’s – and Africa’s – strong ties to China.  

“China, even during this time, has been coming forward very strongly to engage Africa on very real kind of things that we need to do in the continent.”

“Africa has been very happy that there is that kind of interaction with China. China is always positive, has always put on the table the kind of things that are looking towards solving the problems together with us on the continent.”

By Jenni McCann


Bloomberg Television