Tiger brands doubts it will find origin of listeria bacteria found at factories

Tiger Brands [Source: Google Images]

JOHANNESBURG – As Enterprise Foods battles to win the trust of consumers again, Tiger Brands says it highly doubts that it will ever know the origin of the listeria bacteria at its facilities.

The retail giant’s reputation has been shattered after it was found to be the source of the listeriosis bacteria in March this year. Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi announced this week that South Africa is no longer facing a listeriosis outbreak, declaring cold meats safe to eat.

Tiger Brand’s Mary Jane Morifi says that they have enlisted the services of local and international experts in a bid to find how the listeria bacteria ended up at its facilities, but these efforts have not been successful.

“They conducted tests at the factories, internal and external environment and on the water that came in.”

She says they have decided to focus on the rehabilitation of their factories. Morifi says if they have not identified the origin of the bacteria at this stage, they doubt they will ever know where it came from.


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