Innovation and at the forefront of the gear and motor industry


Despite major challenges associated to underperforming commodity prices and volatile exchange rates, SEW-EURODRIVE continues to achieve measurable success, through its ability to proactively adjust to ongoing shifts and changes in the market.

Although mining and mineral processing is in a slump, SEW-EURODRIVE MD Raymond Obermeyer indicates that the company has been largely unaffected due to the fact that it also has an established footprint in better performing sectors such as logistics, automotive and the food and beverage industry.

“Despite ongoing challenges, there is a lot of positivity, and we have found new avenues for growth, not only by identifying new markets, but also by changing our entire approach with regards to our sales strategy. Being open to change is one of the most important aspects of business success,” he states.

Obermeyer reveals that SEW-EURODRIVE employees are encouraged to become involved in decision-making at the company.

“A hands-on approach allows employees to use their initiative in order to make their job and work environment more productive. It is important for people to learn from their mistakes, and makes them grow on a personal and professional level.”

In order to continually improve on internal efficiencies, Obermeyer points out that SEW-EURODRIVE sales representatives nationwide have given presentations to senior management on how their roles can be improved.

“This constructive dialogue enables upper management and staff to collectively identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop a relevant plan of action.”

In a cost-conscious market, Obermeyer stresses the importance of providing a full and comprehensive service offering.

“In challenging economic times, customers expect more than just delivery of a product. We recognise this, and work tirelessly to ensure that our team provides a value-added service that encompasses dedicated after-sales and technical support. This includes our large stockholding, which ensures unrivalled availability and turnaround.”

As environmental legislation becomes increasingly-stringent, and industrial operations become more environmentally-conscious, there is a distinct shift in demand for more energy-efficient motors. Energy ratings for motors include; IE1 – standard efficiency; IE2 – high efficiency; and IE3 – premium efficiency.

“Thanks to our international skills and technological expertise, SEW-EURODRIVE boasts a comprehensive range of IE3 motors that have been well-received particularly in industrialised markets. The high efficiency ensures considerable long-term energy savings, and the local market is beginning to realise this. Bearing this in mind, I anticipate IE3 motors will be specified as standard within the next three to five years,” Obermeyer concludes.