N3 Corridor – Open Again for Business

Gavin Kelly - Chief Executive: The Road Freight Association

The Road Freight Association is delighted that the N3 highway has re-opened to all traffic. Whilst we anticipate some delays and congestion due to the high traffic volumes, we are now able to resume the vital task of delivering goods both countrywide and beyond our borders.

We are doing our best to get essentials in to where they are needed and to address the massive backlog that has occurred as a result of the happenings over the past week.

We are doing our best under trying circumstances to ensure that no-one endures food, fuel and medicine shortages – working closely with our compatriots in the retail sector, to allow them to re-supply stores.

The N3 is a strategic corridor: every day the value of goods that travel on this highway alone is estimated to be around R3-billion. Thankfully, trucks can now start the wheels of the economy along this corridor turning again, enabling many businesses to resume operations.

Whilst what has happened has had an enormous impact on every company and every person in South Africa, it has been heartening to witness communities coming together, protecting what is theirs and actively working together to start re-building what we have lost.

The protection of trucks, the employees, the loads and distribution centres remain paramount for the RFA and we call upon law enforcement to remain active and vigilant in protecting the N3. The safe passage of goods and people on this important route is vital. We cannot allow a repeat of last week’s senseless violence and looting.

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Contact sales@cbn.co.za to enquire about our digital marketing options