The Hallaig was recently equipped with its third hybrid ferry with two 16R5 EC90-1 Voith Schneider propellers (VSP.)

Continued success in the Scottish maritime sector has prompted Voith to extend the geographical footprint of its Voith-Schneider propeller range into Africa. Caledonian Maritime Assets (CMAL) recently equipped its third hybrid ferry with two 16R5 EC/90-1 Voith Schneider propellers (VSP,) together with two bow-tooth couplings and the Voith electronic control system.

The 43.5m-long, 12.2m-wide vessel is capable of accommodating approximately 150 passengers and 23 cars at a speed of nine knots. Despite its enormous size, the hybrid ferry will be capable of navigating the rough Scottish waters with ease, thanks to the two 375kW VSPs.

Accurate control, positioning and manoeuvrability are imperative to safety when docking in rough seas, especially where landings are comprised of concrete ramps where the vessels dock without being firmly moored.

“The African coastline provides its own challenges with rough seas, and also tight manoeuvring within harbours and between vessels. The VSP has proven to be the first choice for coast guards and navies, affording safety and reliability, combined with the well-renowned Voith support and service,” states Vice President of Power, Oil & Gas Africa, Derain Pillay.

The Voith electronic control system consists of a modular hardware and software architecture and offers many control features and standardised interfaces, to enable swift and precise actuation of the two VSPs. To ensure that the two VSPs are protected when docking, they are arranged diagonally in recesses and not in a central position at the bow and in the stern.