Konecranes steps up service package

Rail Q being done at First Quantum Mine Kalumbile, Zambia.

Three devices have been introduced into the South African market by global crane giant Konecranes, as part of the crane and hoist service package offerings to its customers. All three products have been developed by Konecranes and are implemented by specially trained technicians and can be used to monitor cranes and hoists of all makes.

The ‘RailQ’ Runway Survey is an advanced survey technique that uses a remote controlled robot trolley that runs along the rail the crane routinely travels on (called the runway,) collecting and feeding information into a specially designed station survey instrument. Any information on misalignments of the runway, missing clips, worn pads or uneven, bent or twisted sections of the runway structures is processed by Konecranes’ analysis and visualisation software. This allows Konecranes to survey the runway in a faster, safer and more accurate way. Time savings can be up to 75%.

Another unique inspection tool is the ‘RopeQ’, which checks the state of the inside and the outside of the wire ropes. These can contain up to 400 individual wires that can become worn over years of use. During a visual inspection damage to the internal wires will not show up, in many cases leading to a wire rope being classified as safe even when it could be highly dangerous. Through Konecranes RopeQ’s magnetic-inductive method internal rope faults are quickly and accurately detected.

The Truconnect Remote Monitoring allows customers to check on the performance of the cranes on their own computer through online access to a special Konecranes report-back system. This data allows the client to make better decisions and increase the productivity of the cranes.

Konecranes engineers compile focused safety-related data and make recommendations regarding the maintenance, repairs and possible costly problems that can be avoided when detected early enough.

“Service and maintenance are a very high priority for us”, says John MacDonald, Sales and Marketing Manager for Konecranes Southern Africa. “These new products put us at a huge advantage in terms of fulfilling our mandate to service and maintain all makes of cranes.”

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