Real Telematics

In a recent article WERC (Warehousing Education and Research Council) said that labour costs are set to rise once again. For most of us that probably does not come as much of a surprise. The global economy has been in turmoil and shows little sign of impending stability anytime soon.

Labour is also only one element of the myriad challenges facing warehousing, retail and logistics supply chains and one has to hope and trust that there is a fair return on the cost outlay.

Well, you can hope and trust or you can turn to FMX to make sure. FMX not only collates accurate Run Hours, it measures the Productivity of the machine as well as the drivers, making sure that the Run Hours you are paying for align themselves with the labour costs that you carry. A driver can move a machine around all day but not be Productive. FMX can tell you whether a load has actually been carried. Simply put, for every Ignition-on Hour, there needs to be a corresponding Productive Hour.

For those operations where resourcing is already tight, it’s important that every possible return is maximised. FMX takes away much of the pain through user friendly reports and alerts that are easy to read and action.

Not only does FMX keep an eye on Productivity, it also helps you keep the running costs per hour as low as possible, through features such as Ignition Left On Alert, Excess Idle and Battery Cut Out.

When things get harder, get smarter by turning to FMX.