Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille spoke to Marcopolis.net in an interview about the technological advancements that have come out of the country, and the Western Cape in particular.

She points out that there is a strong emphasis on hi-tech advancements in the province, underpinning the hi-speed internet programme that the region is currently rolling-out. The Western Cape Government aims to enable ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) to become the bedrock to why service in the province work so well.

Zille then goes on to point to the provinces “very advanced” medical sector, famous for the first heart transplant and for medical Nobel Laureates that advanced the medical field with technology – including the CAT scan.

“Equally, we have world class hospitals for third world diseases,” she continues. “This gives us a unique position.”

She goes on to describe the Red Cross Children’s Hospital as a world leading paediatric hospital that not only uses world-class technology, but is also developing world-class mechanisms for conditions not often seen in developed countries. For instance, the hospital has developed a procedure to replace a child’s oesophagus.

“We still see many children that drink paraffin in the region. This burns out the entire oesophagus. We can now replace this, which is unique in the world.”

Zille is also incredibly proud of the work done in HIV/Aids research.

“We have developed the most advanced treatment regime in the world.”

With the amount of expertise that are developed in the country by finding solutions to our own developing world challenges, we are able to offer unique and practical solutions to the rest of the world, not least to first world countries.

“Many of our challenges are not confined Africa and the developing world, these challenges are globalised,” concludes Zille.

Marcopolis.net Video Interview with Helen Zille, Premier of Western Cape, also available here www.marcopolis.net/industrial-development-of-the-western-cape.htm.