In January 2017, Manitou South Africa opened their first Manitou Centre based in Cape Town and servicing the Western Cape area. Previously allocated to dealerships in the area, Manitou decided in 2017 that in order to penetrate the potential that the Western Cape market has to offer, a more focussed approach was required and the most effective way to achieve this focus was if Manitou established a centre in the area.

In just under two years since they opened their door, the Cape Town Manitou Centre has bypassed all expectations. First year sales saw more than double the sales units sold compared to estimated targets, which has been maintained to date. Their short term rental fleet is also growing as new markets are being penetrated, thereby increasing demand. Manitou Cape Town works closely with a number of access and rental companies by offering service and support to this highly demanding and time-sensitive industry where downtime is just not an option. Manitou’s rapid response team ensures the quickest possible response 24/7, 365 days a year.

In a highly competitive market such as construction, Manitou knows that safety, efficiency and manoeuvrability are often essential to the successful running of your sites. Manitou machines, with their extensive range of attachments, are quick to master and the quick-hitch attachment system ensures that changing attachments to suit the application is effortless. This means that one Manitou machine can fulfil an array of functions, thus eliminating the need for multiple capital outlays for a fleet of task-specific machinery.  Numerous attachments: forks, jibs, buckets, concrete skips, personnel cages, sweepers and winches give you flexibility and precision and increase productivity by being able to change the tool without changing the machine on the same site.

Manitou’s offerings expand beyond just equipment. Extendable warranty offers and “tailor made” maintenance contacts are available to suit your needs to ensure that:  your equipment is always in an optimal state of maintenance; repair costs are kept to a minimum; all maintenance work is compliant.