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From the “On the Contrary” column – It’s the Zuma and Trump show

WELL cheers then,” said Jon the Joker gulping his lager, “and in the spirit of bonhomie, what are we toasting?” The cheerful congregation of conversationalists were, of course, celebrating the DA victory in beating off all those braggadocious pretenders. Result? More good government in the Western Cape.

“I say ‘Cheers!’ to clean water, safe roads and on-the-ball officials,” toasted Luke the Dude, “and also to the world taking a step towards sanity.” He raised his glass and quaffed, as did the rest of the local Pub & Grill, agreeing that sanity was indeed a toastworthy destination.
Except for Big Ben. “Well …” doubted he suspiciously, “I am not sure that my idea of sanity is the same as Luke’s. Yes, the ANC was slapped down, but Zuma is back from nowhere – his MK Party handed out a hiding to all-comers in Kwazulu-Natal and trailed only the humiliated ANC and the strengthened DA nationally.”

“Me? I am thrilled to toast the DA anytime,” smiled Miss Lily brightly, “it’s a shining light of sanity. Cheers!”

“Before I ban politics from the bar,” intervened The Governor, “who needs a refill?” Most did.

“My toast includes the world,” elucidated Luke, “Not locally only, Governor, relax. Although, we might raise another glass to the Western Cape …”

“Useless!” grinned Jon the Joker.

“Interesting thought, Lucas,” The Prof pondered. “When you say the world, do you mean the forces of fascism raising their ugly heads in Europe and, ominously, America – the Land of the Free?”

“Bull’s eye as usual Prof,” confirmed Luke. “The forces of autocratic rule. Russia of course, scheming to restore the old Soviet superpower, while fascism rules in countries like Hungary. And the unthinkable happening in the United States, where Russia contributed richly – with their expertise in internet warfare and inside information – to getting Putin’s preferred prevaricator into the White House back in 2016. And from there the Putin-Trump axis and its ‘Maga base’ have been breaking down trust and respect for American institutions – such as the FBI, the Courts of Law, the US Congress, even the Constitution.”
“Indeed, young Lucas,” beamed The Prof. “Since returning from Moscow in 2013, where he met Putin, Trump has been scheming division between people who were once proudly united as Americans. By now, the Trump ‘base’ is talking openly about overthrowing American democracy.

“Launching with a full-page newspaper ad in 2013 to execute the Central Park Four (all later exonerated and released), Trump ranted forth – Obama’s birth certificate, Hillary Clinton’s emails, etcetera all the way to the ‘Biden crime family’ investigation in Congress (a humiliating Maga flop – all their ‘smoking-gun evidence’ led to Russian agents) and now blaming Trump’s 34-felony conviction on, of course, President Biden.

“The charges were heard in a state court – no connection to the Justice Department or Biden. But Trump and his mob just scam louder regardless.

“Fact is: the true Trump has now been exposed. He is a convicted felon. Thus: indeed a step towards sanity. And for the many local Trump suckers, bad news: The World Population Review lists South Africa with 38 countries all banning felons from entering their borders.”


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