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From the “On the Contrary” column: Cheers! A toast to democracy! …”

“Cadre deployment is the original sin in ANC corruption and delivery failure,” declared Bob the Book, “it’s the opposite of Robin Hood: steal from the poor and give to the rich cadres.”

“It is deeply undemocratic,” agreed Stevie the Poet: “give the people’s votes to the deployment commissars. Cadre deployment is the mother of much evil in our country.”

“And yet President Ramaphosa pleaded with Judge Zondo not to touch it,” gesticulated The Prof with his unlit pipe. 

“Makes you think …”

“Makes you drink!” confirmed Luke the Dude, “any chance of a beer in this house?”

The confederacy of convivial conversationalists was contemplating the municipal elections, gathered as we were around the fire at the local Grill and Garden to, as per habit, solve the pressing issues of our town and the world. “Coming up!” assured the Chief as she marshalled her waitering troops.

“Well …” tried Big Ben, “President Ramaphosa openly admitted that mistakes had been made and promised the ANC would correct them.”

“Merde!” muttered Jean-Jay. “Mistakes and promises! State capture, it is not a mistake, it is grand corruption. And promises will not return the stolen billions. This president, he has better manners but he is much the same as that Count Zuma. Five years he was the Count’s deputy, don’t forget!”

“Uhm, what do you mean ‘Count Zuma’ Jean-Jay,” wondered Miss Lily.

“Maybe I just remind,” twinkled Jean-Jay, “that he can’t count to eleventy, that one.”

The Prof changed the subject: “Well now is the time to do something about it. On November 1 we get our say at the ballot box. We know what the ANC, the EFF and their cadres did. However, the IFP, the ACDP and others opposed the disgrace. The DA and the Freedom Front have been fighting it vigorously throughout.”

“Okayyyy,” said Luke the Dude in a tone I did not trust, “so we agree that the Democratic Alliance has been on the front line of the battle against cadre deployment, do we?”

“Of course!” jumped in Bob the Book. “Federal chairman Helen Zille always outspokenly so. Party leader John Steenhuisen led the charge after the disastrous reign of ANC Litey Mmusi Maimane. ‘No more ANC Lite’! Steenhuisen calls out cadre deployment as the ‘genesis of state capture’.”

“Right,” cross-examined Adv. Lucas the Dude. “If that is the position of the DA, why does the local Democratic Alliance commit cadre deployment in our ward?”

Just to fill you in during the silence that followed, our formerly self-governing town forms a ward in the current dispensation of larger municipal authorities.

Colin the Golfer spoke up. “Oi, Boyo,” said he. “What railway bus dropped you here? Mind filling the rest of us in?”

“It would be my pleasure, sir,” charmed Luke the Dude. “Let’s begin at the beginning, shall we? We’ve had our current councillor for the past five years, since the last election. Anybody here unhappy with him?” …

So, to find out where this went…keep reading CBN Online!

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