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From the “On the Contrary” column – The Dude vs the Kremlin trolls

“WHAT makes you so sure that Trump and Putin are colluding to divide Americans?” Bill the Beard was disturbing the peace in the local Pub & Grill by interrogating Luke the Dude. 

 “Trump,” asserted Bill, “has been denying the ‘Russia Russia Russia’ hoax all along and now he is suing CNN for reporting on exactly the same lines as your argument.”

“Really?” asked Big Ben, “on what misdeed would he base that?” 

“Trump is suing them for libel and he wants $475 million,” trumpeted Bill triumphantly. “He’s going to make them pay, I tell you, for calling him things like ‘Russian lackey’ and ‘insurrectionist’. Probably coming for you next …”

 “My my,” condescended Luke, “wouldn’t that be fun. The Great Pretender himself coming to this s…hole country – his words – just to be proven wrong by The Dude! But alas, I fear that CNN will make a fool of him first. Let’s see how long Trump’s newfound desire to see the inside of a court lasts.”

“Well spoken, Lucas my boy,” smiled The Prof. “Confidence enough to take on powerful men, I like that.” 

“Don’t forget powerful women,” interrupted Miss Lily, reminding our company of Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton – among others, but excluding Liz Truss.

“What makes you so sure of your case, Luke?” frowned Bob the Book.

“A ha!” exclaimed the Dude, “thank you for that question, Bob my mate,” grinned Luke to Bob’s irritation. “I’ll give you the short answer: CNN was 100% correct with everything they reported on Trump and Russia, and they acted in the public interest. If you wish, I’ll prove it.”

“You do that, Lucas,” encouraged The Prof. “I am rather curious.” 

“Well then,” Luke positioned himself strategically away from the bar: “As also reported by reputable newspapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times – whose journalists won Pulitzer Prizes for their work – Russia’s social media army has been on full assault mode disrupting the American democracy and diminishing America’s status as leader of the free world. A hard-fought target was the 2016 election – to get Trump in the White House instead of Hillary Clinton. This was confirmed in extensive investigations by the US intelligence services and by the Mueller probe. Although Mueller made no finding on collusion, believing that to be the job of Congress, the facts are in his report. Several guilty parties were sent to prison.

“Also, a bipartisan Senate investigation likewise confirmed that the Kremlin interfered in the election and presented other threats.

“Tellingly, Trump chose to believe Putin’s denial rather than the top-level American findings.

“One example of collusion was the nifty Russian response to Trump’s request for Clinton’s emails. Speaking in front of the TV cameras on 27 July 2016, he looked up to the heavens and said, ‘Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30’000 emails that are missing.’ Later the same day, Russian hackers broke into emails in Clinton’s personal office and also the Clinton campaign offices. Her private emails were made public via Wikileaks the next day. 

“And as recently as 29 October, reported how a Federal Court jury unanimously condemned Trump’s pack of Russian lies – again. 

“Enough said.”



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