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Tag: 2017

Investment into African tech startups hit record high in 2017

Investment into African tech startups hit the highest levels since records began in 2017, with 159 startups raising in excess of US$195 million. The DISRUPT AFRICA TECH STARTUPS FUNDING REPORT 2017, released...

South Africa’s GDP is on the road to recovery

The country’s gross domestic product (GDP) yesterday showed signs that the could be on a recovery path - expanding 2% in the third quarter better than the market expectation of 1.5%. ...

Why are South Africans paying so much for petrol?

South African consumers have experienced what seems like a fuel hike outbreak this year.  Fuel in SA costs a staggering R14.05 per litre (95 octane).   Take a look at why other...

Massive fuel price increase expected in December

South African motorists should brace themselves for a massive fuel price increase in December, says Hanré Rossouw, portfolio manager at Investec, speaking to Talk Radio 702. Rossouw said that an increase in...

Expect another big petrol price increase in December

While the price of diesel will increase by between 23 and 27 cents a litre, and petrol by four cents in November, motorists should brace themselves for a substantial fuel hike...


SAFT Project; Keeping it cool

The very essence of a cold store is the maintenance of temperature control to enable perishable produce to be handled, stored, inspected and despatched...


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