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Tag: 2030

The WHO wants to rid the world of hepatitis by 2030: why it’s a...

Four years ago, the World Health Organisation (WHO) rolled out its global strategy to eliminate hepatitis by 2030. Known as a "silent killer" disease, hepatitis is a viral disease that causes inflammation of...

Robots may displace 20m manufacturing jobs by 2030

Robots are on track to wipe out almost a tenth of the world’s manufacturing jobs with the brunt borne by lower-income areas in developed nations, Oxford Economics says. While automation should boost...

#FourthIndustrialRevolution ; Robots taking our jobs? Stop worrying and upskill for the future

A new study contrasts many recent headlines reporting that robots will take over our jobs in the future. Pearson, in partnership with Nesta and the Oxford Martin School, recently released a...


Cape Town’s pollen count at record high

Cape Town’s pollen count has reached new records this year. According to the University of Cape Town (UCT) Lung Institute, the amount of pollen...


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