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Warehousing on the edge: 9 new warehouse technologies

WAREHOUSING is in the midst of a tech-driven revolution as companies race to identify and adopt emerging technologies that cut costs, optimize operations and improve overall supply chain efficiency. In some...

3D printing combats critical face-mask shortage for healthcare workers

An initiative organised by 3D printing solutions provider Additive Manufacturing Solutions (AMS), led by MD Bernhard Vogt, has called on all companies and individuals equipped with such technology to join the...

The Middle East and Africa 3D printing market to outperform global growth rate

Spending on 3D printing in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) market is set to increase from US$0,47 bn in 2015 to reach US$1,3bn by 2019, according to the latest forecasts...


Technologies that may one day replace the password

Passwords are a pain point for nearly anyone who uses a PC or a smartphone. We need to remember numerous passwords and login details...