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Tag: AI

How technology is driving farmer profits in the right direction

“THE natural thought process would be to produce more to earn more,” says Antois van der Westhuizen, Managing Director at John Deere Financial. “Unfortunately, this is not a statement that can...

Banking giant opens Aladdin’s Cave for all

ADVANCES in AI, internet technology and the rise of the smartphone are having a fundamental effect on business and how we conduct and interact with these businesses. There are virtually (!) no...

Rage against the machines? Experts reveal their hopes and fears for a cyborg future

New research1 carried out by security company Kaspersky unveils disparity over a future shared with augmented people – in their family, workplace, and even personal life. The study finds that a lack...

Artifical intelligence: mining’s new frontier

Artificial intelligence's (AI's) role is not to usurp the traditional methods of mining, but rather to supplement and support the human factor. By delivering - for the first time - a truly...

Five main trends impacting the motor body repair industry

Artificial Intelligence, Electrification, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Block chain and Increasingly Connected Vehicles are five of the main trends that will alter the repair and insurance industry. During 2019, these sectors saw the introduction...


New B2C online shopping platform for engineering consumables

BMG’s online shopping platform now encompasses a newly launched E-Commerce service, designed especially for consumers, to boost their buying experience of engineering consumables. “The success...


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