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Tag: Air Products

Shutdown success – a delicate mix of planning, expertise and teamwork

Air Products is known for their ability to provide a secure supply of industrial gas to customers. Maintaining a high standard with regards to service delivery and customer service is largely...

Air Products Welding – Focus on the Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) process

Air Products prides on outstanding customer service, innovation and a secure supply of industrial gases, but more importantly, is the technical expertise provided to customers in terms of the application of...

Air Products’ Freshline™ Offers Definite Benefits for Retailers and Customers

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the drastic changes to the buying patterns of consumers, the value of Air Products’ Freshline™ solutions were highlighted as a key aspect of...

Air Products Ends 50th Birthday Year on High Note

Air Products celebrated its 50th birthday this year and ended it on a high note by receiving two awards at the Chemical & Allied Industries’ Association (CAIA) Responsible Care Awards Ceremony...

Western Cape’s Laser application winning recipe – expertise, machinery and high quality gas

Air Products claims the key to their success in sustaining long term relationships is to provide a high level of service coupled with the supply of high quality gas products. Supplying...


The Ultimate Solution to Africa’s Strategy Execution

Africa Strategy Execution Conference to assemble business dignitaries who will share their vast experiences in navigating strategic complexities in top African companies. The Africa Strategy Execution Conference has proven to...


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