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Tag: Australia

Fugitive lawyers living large in Australia on ‘fleeced Road Accident Funds’

A wealthy lawyer and his son who fled South Africa after allegedly fleecing Road Accident Fund victims out of millions of rands are living a life of luxury in Australia. ...

Here’s how many South Africans became ‘permanent Australians’ last year

According to a recent Sydney Morning Herald article, Australia has brought in billions of dollars in investment by attracting millionaires through its Significant Investor visa (SIV) programme. When looking at applicants who applied for the Business...

More protests in Perth for SA farmers

More than 3 000 Australians and ex-South Africans attended another protest in Perth against farm murders and white genocide in South Africa on Sunday. According to Free West Media, the Australian...

Woolworths Holdings limited to acquire Politix, a leading Australian menswear business

Woolworths Holdings Limited (“WHL”) today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Country Road Group had entered into an agreement to acquire Politix, a market-leading retailer in Australian designer menswear. Politix has...

Sea Harvest increases its share in Australian business, Mareterram

Sea Harvest Corporation, the 52-year-old South African vertically integrated fishing company and recently voted the No.7 Icon brand in South Africa, has managed to secure control of Mareterram Limited, a vertically...


Proposed Cape by-law prohibits swearing on beaches

A new by-law open for public comment aims to protect the Mother City’s beaches as a public asset, according to the City of Cape...


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