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Tag: Automobile Association

Here’s how much you may pay for fuel in November

Drivers can breathe just a bit easier, as the Automobile Association has announced that the price of oil has declined in recent weeks. “The rand has pulled back from its high point...

Petrol price decreases further

Motorists may breathe a sigh of relief as the expected petrol price for November is predicted t0 drop by 16 cents instead of the previously predicted three-cent drop, but diesel and...

AA: Petrol price set to rise by 40c at end of October

JOHANNESBURG - While South Africa is still reeling from the massive petrol and diesel price hike that kicked in at the beginning of October, which saw prices shooting up by up to R1.24c,...

Fuel set for further month-end hike

Stronger international petroleum prices have contributed the bulk of the fuel price increase expected at the end of September. This is according to the Automobile Association (AA), which was commenting on...


Roman Rock Lighthouse celebrates 159 years of service

The Roman Rock Lighthouse celebrated 159 years of service during Heritage Month. The lighthouse – the fifth oldest in South Africa, and the only...