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Expanding order books in Europe and South America

Condra’s subsidiaries in Bulgaria and Chile have secured orders for five cranes in recent weeks, with applications ranging from hydroelectric turbine maintenance to furnace management duty. Manufacture of the first machine, a...

Budget 2017: Only growth can balance the books

Lest we forget how far we’ve come The improvement in the Main Budget primary budget balance (revenue less non-interest spending) over the past four years to an estimated -0.4% of GDP for fiscal year 2016/17, from a...

Book: The New Manager – How to become a leader in 52 simple steps

Written by Steven Jacobs, Regional Manager ABSA Private Bank, this book is the complete, easy-to-follow handbook for newly appointed leaders. Wherever there are groups of people employed to fulfil certain...

Book: Is your thinking keeping you poor?

Escape poverty. Raise your value. Change the trajectory of your story. It all begins with the way you think, says author Douglas Kruger. The majority of people will never achieve...

Book: Family walks in Cape Town

30 easy routes in the city and surrounds Tim Lundy For families who enjoy the outdoors and who relish the beauty of the Cape Town environment, this book details 30 short walks in...


What are the best investment options in South Africa?

Investing can help you keep with the growing inflation rates and set and achieve goals in your career. Whether it's buying a car, owning...


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