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The implications of #Brexit for Cape businesses

As the official tourism, trade and investment promotion agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape, Wesgro is keeping a keen eye on unfolding events around Brexit and the implications thereof...

JSE rallies to record high, rand recovers

Despite a week of uncertain geopolitical tensions in the US and serious Brexit negotiations, share prices on the JSE had one of its biggest rallies of the year. The all...

Cape fortunes fall

The Western Cape’s investment tycoons have seen billions of Rands in value wiped away by treacherous economic and political developments at home and abroad. Investors, of late, have endured tough times...

SA, UK to strengthen ties despite Brexit

According to SAnews.gov.za South Africa and the United Kingdom have committed to strengthening ties amid preparations by the United Kingdom to leave the European Union (EU). In a joint statement...

Fretting over forex? Rather, relax these holidays

Protect your business against exchange rate uncertainty in the closing weeks of 2016.  Along with the latest sports scores and the weather report, the exchange rate has become a day-to-day topic of...


50% Organics ban from landfills coming in 2022

THE landfill ban of organic waste in the Western Cape comes into effect in 2022 with a requirement of 50% reduction and 100% reduction...