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Quality shortcuts not good for future of construction

WEAK economic conditions in construction have led contractors to find new ways of surviving, and some strategies could undermine the longevity of roads and buildings, says AfriSam Construction Materials Executive Avi...

How to turn existing buildings into sustainable, energy-saving structures

The building industry is experiencing unprecedented disruption due to a variety of trends, including the pandemic, ongoing technological transformation, market pressures, and evolving occupant expectations and needs. Yet, discussions continue to focus...

Buildings of the future – here are the 5 essential pillars

In an era of digitisation and electrification, commercial and industrial facilities need to rethink their focus. 40% of the world's C02 emissions come from buildings, whilst 30% of the energy consumed...

Making modern buildings safe

IT is critical for modern buildings to have the necessary fire detection and protection systems in order to comply fully with the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act, 1977 (Act...


WEG Africa pioneers local manufacture of MV softstarters in SA

WEG Africa has become the first OEM to produce medium voltage (MV) softstarters in South Africa, reducing lead times for customers and supporting the...


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