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Tag: Business rescue

Gas discovery could rescue South African economy

A trillion rand over 20 years could pour into the country if a gas discovery in the Outeniqua Basin, off the southern Cape coast, is tapped. French oil and gas company Total...

10 things you need to know about SA’s first recession since 2009

Stats SA announced on Tuesday that the country's real gross domestic product contracted by 0.7% in the second quarter of 2018. This follows a revised fall of 2.6% in the first quarter...

Business rescue might just keep ailing SAA afloat

Solidarity’s proposed business rescue could be used to determine the extent of the rot, and this could be used to plot a recovery plan, an economist says. An application by trade union...


Lying on your CV could land you in jail

Many people may embellish their Curriculum Vitae now and again to make it seem more impressive, but a new amendment made to the National...


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