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Cape Town’s dam levels increase by 3.9%

Cape Town is fully in grips of winter, and with this comes days filled with rains, storms and other extreme weather conditions. The past few weeks have had several rainy days and as...

Statement on Port of Cape Town operations

The Port of Cape Town, managed by Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA), remains operational despite the challenges posed by the growing prevalence of COVID-19 in the region. Cape Town’s position as the...

Rental property prices expected to drop by 10%

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many spheres of everyday life, but one of the biggest is the the rental market. In March, just before South Africa went into full lockdown, just over...

Another cold front to hit Western Cape this week

Prepare for another cold front to hit the Western Cape by the end of this week, bringing much needed rain with it. Weather forecaster Mike Berridge says, we can expect an increase in temperatures...

Energy Storage – Providing energy when it is needed

Cape Town based IMPower has developed a market-leading Medium Sized solution comprising of solar and energy storage technologies for the Commercial & Industrial market, which includes business parks, factories, shopping malls, schools and...


What are the best investment options in South Africa?

Investing can help you keep with the growing inflation rates and set and achieve goals in your career. Whether it's buying a car, owning...


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