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Second hand car buyers beware

BUYING a second hand car can be an exciting purchase and a good economical decision provided there are no unexpected surprises.   Cars that have been severely damaged and which should have been...

City of Cape Town launches first free public electric vehicle charger

The City of Cape Town recently launched its first public electric vehicle (EV) charging station, which is situated in the parking area of the Bellville Civic Centre. This is the first...

The zero-tolerance drunk driving law will affect your car insurance

Once South Africa's strict new drunk-driving laws have been passed, drivers won't be allowed to drink alcohol at all. Currently, it’s still legal to get behind the wheel if your blood-alcohol level...

Common car insurance mistakes

While you take out car insurance with the best intentions, there are things you might be doing that could jeopardise your cover, and unnecessarily increase your premiums. “When it comes to car...

Rent My Ride: South Africa’s solution to cheap car hire

Renting a car can be an expensive ordeal, not only are there lurking, hidden costs but it can also be a frustrating experience when having to wait in line at airports...


Modernised building utilities save money and resources

Water resources are under significant pressure, pushed to the brink by the modernising world, rapid urbanisation, and population growth. Utility management philosophies had not...