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Tag: CBD

City to build new CBD walkways worth R40-million

New pedestrian walkways will line the city centre from mid-August 2020, as part of the City of Cape Town’s new project. The project, which is planned to be completed within two...

Iconic R15 billion development will reimagine Cape Town’s foreshore

There is nothing that more poignantly symbolises the dereliction of Cape Town’s foreshore than its unfinished freeway; a forgotten relic that blights the dynamic landscape of an otherwise world-class CBD. It’s...

Cape CBD litter down by 50%, allowing for effective deep cleaning

The volume of waste collected in the Cape Town city centre decreased by almost 50% since the national lockdown, statistics by the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) show. In March...

Crime in cape town CBD still at a record low

CRIME in the Cape Town city centre during Level 4 of the nationwide lockdown has dropped by 73% across all crime categories compared with the number of incidents recorded this time...

Cape CBD crime drops by 76%

The Cape Town CBD, often associated with crimes like pick pocketing, smash and grabs and personal robbery, has experienced an unprecedented drop in crime since the lockdown first began. According to CCID...


The Real Reason You Can’t Focus On Your Work

As you officially settle into the new year and become accustomed to your new-found work schedule, it’s easy to find yourself more than a...