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Tag: Chemicals

Nasty chemicals are accumulating on Cape Town’s coasts

Drugs, flushed through the sewage system, are ending up in sea-life. Cape Town’s beaches are occasionally contaminated by faecal bacteria such as E.coli, but of greater concern are the pharmaceuticals and chemicals...

A resolute commitment to SHEQ keeps fuels and chemical deliveries in the safe lane

Renewed and expanded contracts in the fuel and chemicals sector. Despite an extremely challenging economic climate, many South African companies are taking a longer-term outlook to business by only partnering reputable providers...

Chemical companies fined R37m for cartel conduct

Two companies involved in the manufacturing and supply of key chemical input materials used to make detergents, cosmetics and toiletries have agreed to pay fines after admitting to price fixing and...

Transfer pumps for hazardous and viscous chemicals

Filtration and Dosing are the importers and distributors of the ScopeNEXT Ltd (UK) range of manually operated liquid transfer pumps.  These pumps are ideal for the safe handling and transfer of...

New optimax injector offers superior mixing – increases yield

Now there is a better option for torch oil, slurry backflush, quench, and other similar injection operations – the OptiMax injector from Spraying Systems Co. The OptiMax injector is specially designed...


How smart agriculture can transform the world

Did you know Algeria was a Mediterranean farming superpower? It was. Unfortunately, it lost its agricultural glory due to erratic rainfall and drought. In an...


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