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Tag: Civil Engineering

New name for Engineering Consulting Stalwart

South African based civil engineering consulting firm UWP Consulting has celebrated its 47th anniversary with a new name. UWP Consulting officially changed its name to Mariswe on 1 February 2019 following 10...

Esor’s Tuboseal delivers world-class trenchless technologies

The acquisition of trenchless technology specialist Tuboseal by Esor is set to unlock a wealth of future business opportunities for the construction and civil engineering contractor. Since its founding by...

Climate change highlights need for risk management in construction industry

Globally, over the last decade there has been an increase in weather related natural disasters that have negatively impacted both residents and businesses in various regions. South Africa has not been...

Helping minimise risks when building big inner-city projects

The University of Pretoria boasts the biggest centrifuge in the Southern Hemisphere which allows for the Department of Civil Engineering to conduct conclusive testing and remain at the top of the...


In the years ahead, what is your ambition for your business?

Making the most out of your economic prime, needs focused attention and action. With this in mind, what is your medium or long-term ambition for...


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