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Converting a boiler from coal to NG

MODIFYING an existing coal-fired boiler to natural gas firing capability, either to replace or to supplement coal as the primary fuel source, is an extensive – and expensive – project. Although...

No premature death for coal

With global targets set to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuel combustion by 2030 and to reach a net-zero position by 2050, most global project funders have cut down...

OPINION: The dirty underbelly of “free energy”

FREE energy from the sun and the wind! Isn’t that a wonderful idea? And it’s clean too! Yeah, right. No, it’s not. So-called free clean energy from the sun and the wind is...

Billionaires turn to Google Maps-type app to scour earth for cobalt

A coalition of billionaires led by Bill Gates has thrown its financial weight behind a startup hoping to build a “Google Maps for the earth’s crust” to hunt for new sources...

South32 kicks off sale process for South African thermal coal business

Sydney — Australia-listed miner South32 has started the sale process for its South Africa Energy Coal business, a spokesman for the company confirmed via email last Friday. "We have now commenced...


How to cope with going back to work after lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unparalleled challenge, and working from home has become a new reality that most employees have had to face. While...


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