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Coffee craze sparks opportunities post Covid

Against a backdrop of adversity, firstly the pandemic, then a medical catastrophe, the rise and rise of the coffee business has created a lifeline for many of those affected. The editor...

Coffee may become more scarce and expensive thanks to climate change

The world could lose half of its best coffee-growing land under a moderate climate change scenario. Brazil, which is currently the world's largest coffee producer, will see its most suitable coffee-growing...

Drinking coffee from paper cups could be harmful, study finds

Drinking hot beverages from a paper cup could lead to serious health complications, new research from India warns. Paper cups that are exposed to hot water release thousands of microplastics which contaminate beverages,...

Starbucks to open 6 more Cape Town stores in 2020

World famous coffeehouse chain Starbucks will open eight more locations across South Africa, and six will be right here in the Mother City. The stores will open in shifts from November 19 until mid-December....

Coffee production faces climate risk for Africa’s top grower

Ethiopia, Africa’s largest coffee grower, could face “significant volatility” in the crop’s yields in a decade due to changing weather patterns, according to McKinsey & Co. A drop in coffee yields in...

Ford, McDonald’s to use coffee bean chaff in car parts

Ford Motor Company and McDonald's USA will soon be using the dried skin of coffee beans called chaff, which naturally comes off during the roasting process, to reinforce certain vehicle parts....


Over R100-billion to be invested in data centres in South Africa 

By Larry Claasen Amazon Web Services (AWS) plans to invest R46-billion in Cape Town by 2029. THE setting up of hyperscale data centres in South Africa...


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