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Cold storage infrastructure and refrigeration tech are key for growth in SA food production

South Africa’s food production and export industries are experiencing encouraging growth injections from the increase in demand for high value and diversified produce such as blueberries, macadamia nuts and citrus. The...

Keeping it cooler by conserving resources

THE financial and economic costs of mainstream energy sources are on everyone’s minds these days. Between NERSA and ESKOM, the costs of conventional electricity are spiralling out of control. Companies are...

The break in the cold chain

Logistics, transport, and the supply chain – important words, important topics. We read about transport and logistics all the time – but very little is ever mentioned about the part the...


Over R100-billion to be invested in data centres in South Africa 

By Larry Claasen Amazon Web Services (AWS) plans to invest R46-billion in Cape Town by 2029. THE setting up of hyperscale data centres in South Africa...


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