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Tag: Consumers

SA consumers set to face further food price pressure

Food inflation is set to increase in the short term due to various macro-economic indicators, which means that South African consumers can expect further food price increases. This was according to the...

Consumers ‘in for a rough ride’ if SA hits ratings junk status

The panic about a possible sub-investment grade came after Moody’s expressed concern over the bailout of SOEs and the lack of growth in the economy. As rumours do the rounds that international...

2019 PMA Fresh Connections: Southern Africa focuses on innovations to meet demands of evolving...

A variety of topics shaping the production and distribution of fresh produce in Southern Africa, Africa and globally will be discussed at the 9th annual PMA Fresh Connections: Southern Africa Conference...

SA consumers in for a rough ride in 2019

While the decrease in the prices of petrol and diesel of R1.23 a litre for petrol and R1.55 for diesel will bring much-needed relief to cash-strapped consumers, the rest of the...

South African consumers ‘duped’ on #BlackFriday

South African shoppers made the most of discounts offered by retailers on Black Friday, with TVs, toilet papers, nappies flying off the shelves. But experts quickly described the discounts as...


Google teams up with Tile to help find lost car keys

With Google largely ignoring South Africa with it’s mobile and home automation products, it’s easy for us to be a bit ignorant of all...

Saldanha air route to open


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