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Breakthrough in converting CO2 into fuel using solar energy

A research team led by Lund University in Sweden has shown how solar power can convert carbon dioxide into fuel, by using advanced materials and ultra-fast laser spectroscopy. The breakthrough could...

Is converting office buildings to residential space the answer?

Converting the expanse of vacant office space in South African cities to residential apartments, especially in a time when the current low interest rate environment favours first-time home buyers, seems like...

Conversion to natural gas brings new life to aging coal plants

This article, written by Kari Lydersen of the Midwest Energy News, is included to add a (positive) dimension to the current debate around the future of ailing Eskom. Although written in...


Saldanha Green Hydrogen wants to pump its excess electricity into the...

By Larry Claasen Phelan Green Energy Group, which is developing a R47-billion green hydrogen project in Saldanha Bay is looking at ways to transfer the...


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