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SA coal miner prioritises uptime with Booyco Engineering  HVAC man-on-site contract

RECOGNISING the importance of mobile equipment uptime, a leading South African coal miner has renewed its man-on-site maintenance contract with Booyco Engineering. This ensures the heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) systems on...

Softeners protect equipment and save energy, costs

ALL boilers and cooling towers need a water softener to help to prevent scale on heat transfer surfaces. It’s important to maintain these softeners to avoid equipment or machinery failures, and...

Steri Cooling benefits – Innovative panel sectional doors from Maxiflex

As a renowned industrial door and loading dock solutions specialist, Maxiflex is committed to going the extra mile to deliver the best-fit product that ideally meets customers’ needs. When leading producer...


WEG Africa pioneers local manufacture of MV softstarters in SA

WEG Africa has become the first OEM to produce medium voltage (MV) softstarters in South Africa, reducing lead times for customers and supporting the...


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